June 2010. Interview for editorial information newspaper "Stroika" the presence of foreign investors in the market of Moldova.

In the period of instability and shakings on the world financial markets, foreign investors are now in the search for new places, where it is possible to direct its capital with the minimum risks. How do you think, in a similar situation can the market of Moldova become attractive for the foreign investors?

Lately our state creates maximally comfortable conditions for the attraction of the foreign capital, successfully develops the market-economic relations of the strategic partnership between the states. At the same time foreign investors considerably more attentively look at today's situation and especially note a deficiency in the information about the investment opportunities in the Republic of Moldova, and also the political and economic risks, inherent in the developing countries.

In the opinion of the President of the company "Welcome.md", Mrs. Aliona Mednic, foreign investors can direct their capital with the minimum risks into the spheres of power engineering, infrastructure and agriculture, majorities of which it will more profitably carry out in the free- economic zones of our country.

How attractive banking market is to foreign investors in Moldova?

National Bank of Moldova - the press center of the NBM / tel: 226374

"Banking legislation includes all the necessary preconditions for attracting strategic foreign investors in the banking sector in Moldova. At the same time, the relevant provisions provide for better transparency of the banking sector through the publication on the websites of banks' information about their financial activities.

Moldovian banking sector suffered a crisis, demonstrating the stability of capital to crisis situations, as well as the ability to manage risk. As of 30.04.2010 the share of foreign investment capital from local banks amounted to 77,8%. Compared to the beginning, foreign investment increased by 0.2%. "

BCR Chişinău SA / tel: 852000

- Chairman of the Sorin Andrei: "VSR Chişinău began its activities on the Moldovan market in 1998 as a representative RCB (Romanian Commercial Bank). To date, RCB is a part of Erste Group (Austria) - one of the leaders of the banking market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Over the last year in the development of RCB Chişinău has invested more than 25 million euros. This proves that the foreign shareholders believe in the capacity of the Moldovan market. The Moldovan economy has several advantages, which, of course, is to attract foreign capital. Among them are geographical location, manpower, and openness to the outside world. Despite the fact that Moldova is a small country, it has good potential for growth, service industries and foreign trade. The banking market in Moldova has already shown its resilience and ability to work in the financial crisis. An important measure to attract foreign investment is subject to risks and financial performance. "

What prevents the presence of foreign banks in Moldova?

BCR Chişinău SA / tel: 852000

- Chairman of the Sorin Andrei: "Today, Moldova is working with several banks c foreign capital, which is successfully developing its activities in the local market. The number of these banks will increase, subject to the continuation of economic reforms and promote the country's image internationally. Also, the attractiveness of the Moldovan economy to foreign capital will depend on the diversification of foreign economic activity and competitiveness of Moldovian goods and services in international markets. In any country, high risks and low transparency of the business does not contribute to the economy in general and the banking sector in particular. "

WELCOME.MD / tel: 292583

- Vice President, Baciu Victoria: "In my opinion, there are serious reasons preventing the inflow of foreign banks in Moldova. In our market right now there are enough successful banks with foreign capital.

Perhaps one of the incentives for opening new foreign banks in Moldova may be the introduction of code IBAN (International Bank Account Number), which was previously used only in the European Union, but is now used in other countries. From a practical standpoint, this is a very important process of integration into the system of interbank settlements, which would enable local and foreign enterprises to accelerate and reduce the cost of interbank payments.

There is a perception that the entry of foreign banks premature as still fragile local banks? How do you feel about this issue?

Press Center NBM / tel: 226374

"The National Bank of Moldova has constantly pursued a policy of maintaining stability and consolidation of the banking system, including the attraction of strategic investors. It should be noted that the legislation of the Republic of Moldova has never restricted the entry of foreign banks. Foreign banks may operate on the territory of the Republic of Moldova through the offices, the licensing process which is the same as for the residents of the Republic of Moldova.

At the moment, the banking market in Moldova, there are 4 branches of foreign banks and financial groups: BC "EXIMBANK-Gruppo Veneto Banca" SA, BCR Chişinău SA, BC "MOBIASBANCĂ - Groupe Societe Generale" SA and B.C. "ProCredit Bank" S. A. .

How will be the economic situation in Moldova, if the foreign banks will be more?

Press Center NBM / tel: 226374

"Foreign banks in the banking market of the Republic of Moldova and their experience contribute to knowledge transfer to local banks and, as a result - the further development of a strong and competitive banking sector. The arrival of the Moldovan market of foreign financial institutions will entail the emergence of new financial instruments in line with market requirements. "

Press office of Sberbank of Russia / tel: (007495) 9575721

"Currently, Sberbank of Russia has no plans to enter the financial market of Moldova. We believe that if Moldova, foreign banks will get bigger, then the situation has not fundamentally changed. Will increase competition, improve service quality, there will be new banking products. Rates on loans will remain at about the same level. This figure depends on the level of inflation and the policy of the National Bank, not the number of foreign banks in the country. "

BCR Chisinau SA / tel: 852000

- Chairman of the Sorin Andrei: "The presence of foreign banks in the Moldovan market will have a positive impact on the economy, competition in the banking sector and the quality of services provided to customers. New jobs, Moldavian specialists will get the opportunity for professional and personal growth. Enhanced competition will increase the range and availability of banking services to more customers. "

Will the entry of foreign banks in Moldova for the issuance of long-term loans? Will it contribute to the growth of loans?

Press Center NBM / tel: 226374

"Currently, the banking system, there are enough resources to provide loans. Ability of the banking sector to carry out long-term investments also confirmed the presence of a substantial surplus of liquid assets.

According to the NBM, a decrease of loans granted by banks, including long-term, due not so much the lack of credit, as the presence of elevated credit risk generated by the crisis situation in the economy and other phenomena. "

Potential foreign investors Moldovan banks complain too tough legislation that prevents the acquisition of shares in domestic banks. Is this true?

Press Center NBM / tel: 226374

"The Bank's shareholders may be only those persons whose activities are transparent. To do this they need to confirm their financial viability. Disclosure of potential owners share in the capital of the bank, as well as its beneficiaries is a prerequisite for admission into the banking sector. This is to ensure financial stability in the banking sector and prevent the management of the bank who may have a negative impact on the bank. It should be noted that these requirements are consistent with international standards (Basle Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision, 40 Recommendations and 9 Special Recommendations of the Task Force on Financial Measures to combat money laundering), and are not an obstacle for those investors who have a transparent ownership structure and have the potential including financial, necessary for the development banks. "

What conditions are necessary to create the Moldovan government for the coming of foreign investors in Moldova?

BCR Chisinau SA / tel: 852000

- Chairman of the Sorin Andrei: "For the arrival of foreign investment we need: to improve legislation, to improve management transparency and ensure the independence of all branches of government, as well as protection of property rights and compliance with competition rules by all market participants. "

WELCOME.MD / tel: 292583

- President Mednick Aliona: "Since our country is a strategic point between Europe and the CIS countries, it is necessary to create favorable legal, economic base, improve the investment climate and solve the problem of corruption. But most importantly - ensure that relevant government guarantees large and stable investment projects aimed at economic development of Moldova. "

During the period of instability and turmoil in world financial markets, foreign investors are staying now in search of new places where we could with minimal risk to send their capital. Could Moldova to become a "safe haven" for foreign investment?

In recent times, our state creates favorable conditions for attracting foreign capital. The Moldovan government has successfully developed market economies of the strategic partnership between the states. At the same time, foreign investors have a much closer look at the current situation and especially the lack of information on investment opportunities in Moldova, as well as political and economic risks inherent in developing countries.

In our opinion, foreign investors may submit their capital with minimal risk in energy, infrastructure and agriculture in Moldova.

Informations provided investment company WELCOME.MD

In Moldova, working quite a lot of foreign companies, whose success largely depends on foreign investors. Take for example, the Moldavian-Russian wine companies or the market of petroleum products. Among the investment projects, successfully implemented in Moldova, you can select projects LUKoil, Orange, Moldcell, Petrol, Rom-Petrol. As a positive investment can be noted activity in Moldova banks with foreign capital Mobiasbanca Groupe Societe Generale, Eximbank Gruppo Veneto Banca, BCR Chisinau SA (Banca Comerciala Româna).

According to experts and analysts, in such moments, which are now experiencing the world's stock markets when the indices fall economically developed states, you can count on foreign investment in our country. Moldova can not take advantage of this opportunity. And for this it needs not so much: to preserve the political and economic situation in the country stable, provide investors with specific projects in the economy and improve the investment climate.

Source:Directory "Building & Equipment"

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