Pay & Save is the first cashback project in Moldova. Pay & Save offers a unique platform for trading partners, which makes it possible to make purchases at low prices. Cashback is greater than a discount, it is a revolutionary concept and one of the most effective ways to save money, buying, every time you pay for a product or service, you will receive cash back on the card. This is a completely new, service in the market of Moldova. Together we create a network of suppliers of goods and services, which are connected to each other using any card Moldova Agroindbank.

2021-09-07 Moratorium on issuing of permissive documents for building in historical center until 2022

The Chisinau City Hall imposed a moratorium on the issuing of any permissive documents for carrying out building works in the historical center of the city until April 1, 2022, mayor general of Chisinau Ion Ceban announced. According to him, the moratorium will be in force until the Centru.

2021-09-01 Property valuation in Moldova

Appraisal of residential real estate (apartments, housing stock), unfinished construction site, land plots intended for construction, agricultural land, perennial plantings, buildings and unfinished buildings, real estate objects intended for production, industrial, commercial and transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, means telecommunications. The results of the property appraisal are recorded in the appraisal report, which is an official document recognized by other public and private institutions and gives you true information about the value of the property. Assessment services are available in all regions of the country in 10 branches and are provided by 100 experts with professional qualifications

2021-08-30 Assistance to pediatric departments of the Institute of Oncology in Moldova

Our organization has steadily been growing over the past years. As we develop, the volume of requests from parents with children on treatment at the local hospitals, as well as hospitals themselves, has rapidly increased. Many of these requests came from the Institute of Oncology in Chisinau, Moldovan capital. To better serve the needs of our community, we decided to open separate fundraising projects to support pediatric departments of the Institute of Oncology. The Institute makes provision of pediatric departments with medicines and medical equipment its


The Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Republic of Moldova and Investment Company International Business Company Welcome.md on October 02, 2020, have signed a cooperation agreement that provides for official partnership in the economic, trade and investment spheres. The parties agreed to search for new forms of interaction in order to improve the efficiency of solving problems related to supporting entrepreneurship, developing trade, economic, scientific and technical ties, including supporting significant projects and initiatives.

Company provides an opportunity to book online a premium car. Our premium cars will certainly accentuate your personality and status, and our highest level service will give you the possibility to enjoy comfortable trips! As an additional value we deliver cars to our clients in Chisinau. We are available 24 hours a day in order to meet all your requirements.

FOR SALE: LUXURY COMMERCIAL BUILDING IN CHISINAU. We suggest you consider this offer as an option to acquire ownership of a commercial building which can be used for various purposes. This is a 4 storey detached building with direct access to the main road. The place is surrounded by greenery. 

For sale: 3 room apartment in the center of Chisinau. Residential complex Estate White House. This is one of the real estate projects, which is favorably located in a residential area with quick access to any side of the city. The complex is a modern building with attractive architecture.

Apartment in a residential building class comfort. Modern house, class comfort is located in the center of Chisinau. The infrastructure is very well developed.The five-storey residential building consists of 12 apartments was built and put into operation in 2017 year.

The of alcoholic beverages productionThe of alcoholic beverages production
Short description: The company consolidates in a few winery complexes. It's main activity is the manufacture and the export of wines and other beverages. The mission of the company is to spread the high culture
Telecommunication company3,5 mln. eTelecommunication company3,5 mln. e
This company occupies the 4 position in the market of Internet-distribution and cable television.First launched a digital cable TV services, offering the market 130 channels included in the 14 packagesthat
Gas distribution company14 mln. euroGas distribution company14 mln. euro
Import and sale of gasoline and diesel fuel. Retail sale of petrol, gas and diesel fuel at gas stationsAssets: The company has 22 gas stations and 1 depot for the storage of petroleum products,1600 tons. Additional capacity

Seed production plant3 mln. euroSeed production plant3 mln. euro
The project has an economic effect of doubling the capitalization, after completing the purchase of collateral assets to 3 million euro and investing 1.5 million euro in modernization.
Business for sale in Moldova: livestock farm.Business for sale in Moldova: livestock farm.
A new livestock farm for sale, which was built and was put into operation in 2014. The farm is fully equipped with everything you need and is ready to start production.
Sale of ready business: SHADI shop - sale of footwear and accessories from fish skin.Sale of ready business: SHADI shop - sale of footwear and accessories from fish skin.
Title: Shop of shoes and accessories from fish skin. The very name of the store is the brand already established during the time of work in the city, untwisted with the help of many sources of advertising

Pharmaceutical productsPharmaceutical products
Growth market potential. Moldovan market has a serious potential growth form both perspectives in depth and in breath:It growth approximately 20% per each year reaching in 2009 to about USD 150 million;
Business for sale:Growing salads and vegetables using hydroponicsBusiness for sale:Growing salads and vegetables using hydroponics
The hydroponics business is becoming increasingly popular as this method of growing plants leaves fewer risks for production losses and does not require much physical effort compared to conventional crop production.
Sale business in Moldova: a hotel in the very center of Chisinau.Sale business in Moldova: a hotel in the very center of Chisinau.
Privately owned hotel located in the central part of the Chisinau, in a very green and peaceful area. This region represents the Old Town and most of the buildings here are not very tall - the highest are 3-5 floor buildings.


Shares in Moldova

Information about charities and problem situations with concrete offer of assistance and social support in Moldova.
The mission of the charity section - the salvation of seriously ill children and creating a culture of philanthropy in society. The survey provides information about charitable organizations that provide assistance to children suffering from any specific illness, children without parental care, children with developmental disabilities, etc.
Information card charitable organization includes contact information, and information about area activities, beneficiaries, the types of assistance and work with volunteers. It contains detailed information to assist charities to private individuals for urgent treatment of seriously ill children. Help can be both financially and in the form of goods or services.
Direction of care: reasonable financial support to orphanages, celebrations, development and promotion of children's art and sport, emergency medical care for a child, etc. The proceeds are directed at creating and strengthening material-technical base of children's homes, to improve the conditions for finding children to purchase...

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