• Telecommunication company3,5 mln. e

Catalog #: IP-004

This company occupies the 4 position in the market of Internet-distribution and cable television.

First launched a digital cable TV services, offering the market 130 channels included in the 14 packages that can be combined in any combination. While the experience in providing these services from the company until then was not.

The team is the only company in Moldova, the developer of the product essence of which is postpone access to IP-telephony services. An effective system anti-fraud and selection of subscribers allowed in a short time to collect subscriber pool to 10,000 loyal subscribers.

A unique development strategy and draft positioning as a mobile virtual operator Level 3 (with its own infrastructure of data transmission).

About market.

The most rapidly developing telecommunications market can be regarded as data transmission and Internet access: in 2001 with a volume of $2 mln. to $37 mln. in 2009.

The market continues to grow at 20% per year, and given that broadband Internet penetration in Moldova lags behind the European average of 5 times - the potential market growth rate remains unchanged at 5 years ahead! Special mention should be noted that the number of broadband subscribers increased by 62,4% compared to the situation in 2008.

As for the mobile market, since 2000 the market volume increased with $16 million to $250 mln. in 2009. Combining the advantages of one or other of the market in our project - we get a competitive advantage and strong growth in revenues.

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