Catalog #: 31.01.2024


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova organizes the 21st edition of the National Exhibition "Made in Moldova", which will take place at the International Exhibition Center Moldexpo, 1 Ghioceilor Str., Chisinau, between January 31 – February 4, 2024. "Made in Moldova" is the most important exhibition in the Republic of Moldova, which annually brings together over 450 companies from all sectors of the national economy, with approx. 70 thousand visitors from the country and abroad.

Catalog #: 03.01.2023


From January 1, 2023, tax reporting is submitted only in electronic form by all taxpayers (legal or natural persons engaged in entrepreneurial or professional activities), regardless of the number of employees, and resident individuals, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 356/2022. The exception is individuals who do not carry out entrepreneurial activities and do not pay income tax at a rate of 2%, and reporting using 


Catalog #: 28.06.2022


The Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Republic of Moldova and Investment Company International Business Company Welcome.md, have signed a cooperation agreement that provides for official partnership in the economic, trade and investment spheres. The parties agreed to search for new forms of interaction in order to improve the efficiency of solving problems related to supporting entrepreneurship, developing trade, economic, scientific and technical ties, including supporting significant projects and initiatives.

Catalog #: 10.06.2022


The State Tax Service recalled that individual citizens and peasant / farm enterprises must pay tax on existing or acquired real estate / land before March 31 of the current year by the end of June. In the case of real estate and land plots acquired after March 31, the tax must be paid before March 25, 2023. The amount of real estate tax / land tax for individuals-citizens, as well as the amount


Catalog #: 07.09.2021


The Chisinau City Hall imposed a moratorium on the issuing of any permissive documents for carrying out building works in the historical center of the city until April 1, 2022, mayor general of Chisinau Ion Ceban announced. According to him, the moratorium will be in force until the Centru.

Catalog #: 21.01.2020

Since January 1, 2020, the tax on the sale of real estate has increased.

From January 1, 2020, part (7) of Art. 40 Tax Code acts in the new edition. The share that the state recognizes as an increase and intends to tax, has grown from 20% to 50%. The amount of capital gains in the tax period is 50% of the amount in excess of the recognized capital gains over any losses incurred during

Catalog #: 04.06.2019

The 6th Moldovan-Italian Business Forum 2019

Dozens of Moldovan and Italian entrepreneurs take part in the event, including those who have not yet worked in our country. As part of the opening of the forum, the Ambassador of Italy to Moldova, Valeria Biagiotti, noted that the forum is an excellent opportunity to discover Moldova, study the investment background of our country and find business partners. The ambassador also praised the reforms undertaken by the Moldovan government to simplify business in the country.

Catalog #: 18.05.2019

Foreign tax administrations will provide the STS with information on persons with unpaid taxes in Moldova, as well as assist in the repayment of these debts.

According to the State Tax Service, new rules and procedures regarding the exchange of tax information with foreign tax administrations and assistance for the reimbursement of tax arrears generated in Moldova in a foreign country came into force. These imply the following tax liabilities: tax on income of individuals and legal entities, state social insurance contributions, real estate tax, value added tax, excise taxes, road taxes, taxes on natural resources, local fees.Thus, the STS is entitled to request

Catalog #: 17.05.2019

New procedures to maintain the Register of lease agreements will take effect in June 2019

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Construction, in connection with this, the agency conducts an information campaign on innovations. The matter concerns contracts concluded for a period up to 5 years. The Register is maintained by the mayoralty of the settlement, on the territory of which there are leased land and other agricultural property. 

Catalog #: 14.11.2018

Only Moldova's citizens to be able to buy farmlands according to new Land Code

Only Moldova’s citizens will be able to buy and sell the lands with agricultural purpose, as well as the ones of the forest fund. Thus, foreigners and stateless persons will not be able to purchase these lands and if they become owners by inheritance, they will be obliged to sell them in a one-year period. The provision is included in the new Land Code, approved by the cabinet today, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported. 

Catalog #: 06.11.2018

Moldovan Customs Service reminded what goods for personal use can be imported into the country by individuals without paying customs duties

As noted in CS message, in the context of an increase in the number of requests for information / advice to the Information Line of the Customs Service, it was decided to publish periodically informational messages on frequently asked questions addressed to the operators of the Information Line. 

Catalog #: 21.05.2018

Transoil Group of Companies has implemented more than $13 million worth of new investments for the 2018-2019 season which will increase overall production capacity in both North and South of Moldova and reduce costs.

The described investments above have been allocated to two projects at the Floarea Soarelui factory in the city of Balti, and a unique project at Giurgiulesti International Free Port. Vaja Jhashi, the President of the TRANS OIL group: As the largest producer of sunflower oil in Moldova and a major grain exporter

Catalog #: 20.04.2018

In Moldova, the procedure for the alienation and registration of real estate will be simplified.

In particular, for the certification of alienation contracts and the pledge of property subject to registration, individuals and legal entities no longer need to submit to the notary a certificate of the State Tax Service certificate on the absence or existence of debts to the budget for this property, other mandatory payments to the 

Catalog #: 08.09.2017

Landlords, who give Moldova an apartment for temporary use, warn of the mandatory payment of tax on profits.

Landlords, who give Moldova an apartment for temporary use, warn of the mandatory payment of tax on profits. Payments must be made no later than the 2nd day of each month, or the next day after receiving the money from the lease. Payment may be carried out in any bank or post office. 

Catalog #: 29.09.2016

B2B EXPO 2016 - 4th International specialized exhibition of products and services for business

With a broad topic, seminars, presentations of companies, products and services, debates B2B EXPO 2016 is the most important business-platform in Moldova of communication, establishing new contacts, partnerships, solutions and opportunities for top managers, beginners and business owners.

Catalog #: 15.09.2016

September 17, 2016 in Moldova will open the first and only country chateau Mimi.

17 сентября в Молдавии открылось первое и единственное в стране шато — замок Мими. Теперь для того, чтобы побывать в аристократичной европейской усадьбе, не придется ехать во Францию или Италию. Всего-то нужно взять билет до Кишинева, и вы окажитесь в прекрасном молдавском замке! К его открытию владельцы подготовили концерт с молдавскими музыкантами и «Машиной времени», богатое застолье и множество приятных сюрпризов для гостей — все в лучших традициях молдавского гостеприимства.

Catalog #: 21.12.2015

US$3 million to be invested in investment climate reform in Moldova

A project to finance the reform of the investment climate in Moldova will be launched in 2016. The project will have a budget of US$3.2 million and is aimed at improving the investment sphere in Moldova, IPN reports, quoting a communique of the Ministry of Economy.The project aims to improve the regulation of the entrepreneurial activity and to increase the access to the market, especially of agricultural entrepreneurs by enhancing competitiveness and facilitating export.

Catalog #: 03.10.2014

International Specialized Exhibition – forum of products and services for business, 2-nd edition

Dear Visitor! To make the best out of your visit to the exhibition, we advice you to start ahead. First of all, set explicit goals at the exhibition and draw a plan. Determine what tasks you have, what you look for, what is more important, etc. Start with learning more about the exhibition topics and exhibitor profiles. You can find detailed information about the exhibitors as well as the exhibition

Catalog #: 11.09.2012

What prevents to invest to foreign investors in Moldova the capitals?

- It agree with you, but it occurs there where the soil is fertilized and prepared. On an infrastructure Moldova is somewhere near to Zimbabwe. We should think of possibilities of own development. The power has released reins – at us now so: do that you want. Yes, there is an economic growth, but it is always accompanied by corruption. Loook at least on its scope in South Korea – the country which since 1953 in 100 times has increased gross national

Catalog #: 26.07.2012

From July 20 in Moldova all employers are obliged to give out to the workers

From July 20 all employers are obliged to give out to the workers permission to the admission to a workplace, and the worker is in turn obliged to carry constantly at itself this personal permission. Corresponding changes and an admission sample on a workplace are published in «Monitorul Oficial». Its sizes - 9×6 centimeters. In it data of the employee are specified, and also the photo in the size three on four centimeters is placed. Except the admission..


Information about charities and problem situations with concrete offer of assistance and social support in Moldova.
The mission of the charity section - the salvation of seriously ill children and creating a culture of philanthropy in society. The survey provides information about charitable organizations that provide assistance to children suffering from any specific illness, children without parental care, children with developmental disabilities, etc.
Information card charitable organization includes contact information, and information about area activities, beneficiaries, the types of assistance and work with volunteers. It contains detailed information to assist charities to private individuals for urgent treatment of seriously ill children. Help can be both financially and in the form of goods or services.
Direction of care: reasonable financial support to orphanages, celebrations, development and promotion of children's art and sport, emergency medical care for a child, etc. The proceeds are directed at creating and strengthening material-technical base of children's homes, to improve the conditions for finding children to purchase...











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