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Business legal assistance

Commencing from the moment of incorporation, any company requires a qualified legal assistance, which quite often determines the successful and reliable commercial activity. One of the main advantages of our company consists in nonstandard approaches and uncommon professional solutions. Nowadays, clients are often not satisfied with an ordinary lawyer’s answer, whether the conceived issues are feasible or not. In our company you will always receive comprehensive information about the ways of implementing legally and competently your ideas, including the achievement of the goals pursued by your company.

The legal department of our company covers the following activity areas:

  • Consulting on business law issues
  • Consulting on Moldovan corporate, banking, tax, labour, customs law
  • Provision of legal opinions
  • Analysis of documents and preparation of opinions regarding the compliance of these documents with the law
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts and other legal documents
  • Drafting of contracts, minutes, demand and answer letters, complaints, and other legal documents
  • Registration, reorganization, activity suspension and liquidation of entities and other organisations
  • Legal assistance in the establishment, reorganization, activity suspension and liquidation of entities, including joint ventures, wholly foreign owned companies, branches, permanent establishments, representative offices of foreign companies as well as NGOs and funds
  • Legal assistance in obtaining various licenses, authorisations and certificates necessary for the business activity
  • Registration of trademarks
  • Legal assistance in notification, obtaining permissions of the National Bank of Moldova necessary for external loans and guaranties
  • Legal assistance in registration of real estate rights
  • Representation of clients in disputes with tax authorities and other state bodies
  • Visa legal support (invitations to the Republic of Moldova for foreign citizens)
  • Legal assistance to non-residents of the Republic Moldova in opening local bank accounts
  • Legal assistance in legalization of foreign personnel (labour permits and residence permits)
  • HR assistance
  • Complex legal assistance to entities (including all of the above services)

Corporate law

  • Registration of enterprises and organizations, selection of business legal structure, drafting of statutory documents, introduction of all and any necessary modifications
  • Legal regulation and support of economic activity
  • Change of the companies’ business legal structure, mergers & acquisitions, divisions
  • Monitoring of investment activity and projects
  • Drafting of the company internal documents (labor contracts, internal regulations etc.)
  • Legal inspection of the company reliability and financial standing
  • Consultations on the purchase of capital issues
  • Comprehensive business legal expertise/inspection (Due Diligence)

Commercial law

  • Protection of ownership rights and other real rights, drafting of the necessary documentation
  • Legal issues concerning the protection of consumer rights
  • Legal analysis of contracts, assessment and minimization of contractual risks, making the necessary modifications and amendments therein
  • Drawing up of contracts, legal support of the current business activity

Arbitration proceedings

  • Analysis of case papers, preparation of procedural documents
  • Legal consultations on the arbitration matters
  • International arbitral procedure, assistance in the choice of arbitration tribunal
  • Explanation of the specific applicable arbitral procedure, perspective assessment of arbitration proceedings

Family and employment law

  • Drawing up of marriage contracts, voluntary partition of property
  • Legal proceedings on the matters of divorce, deprivation of parental rights, partition of property
  • Amicable agreements
  • Prejudicial settlement of employment disputes
  • Preparation of case papers concerning employment disputes, judicial proceedings

Obtaining of consent documents. Legalization

  • Legal analysis of migration procedure, preparation of preliminary documents
  • Legal opinion and assistance in the procedure of obtaining migration certificates, residence permits and work permits
  • Legal opinion and assistance in the procedure of obtaining licenses, authorizations
  • Legal consultation and opinion on the registration procedure of intellectual property rights

Prejudicial and judicial settlement of disputes

  • Analysis of case papers, legal opinion on perspectives and risks of the forthcoming court proceedings
  • Preparation of case papers for legal proceedings, participation in court sittings
  • Collection of additional evidences, receipt of procedural documents

Legal consultations and appeal of final court judgments in the European Court of Human Rights

Legal proceedings are frequently dragged for long periods of time. As a rule, when applying to the authority of last resort, clients are already hopeless for any settlement of dispute in their favor. However, it is nothing near so. According to statistical data, the majority of judgments per claims delivered for settlement in the European Court for Human Rights are pronounced in favor of the claimant. In such cases, the amount of claim plays a significant role, while the successful outcome of proceedings directly depends on the claim literacy and relevance.

In addition to single consultations, our company offers subscription legal services, which imply a continuous legal support of the client’s activity. Such practice functions as preventive measures against the emergence of any legal problems, as well as minimizes financial and commercial risks. Thereat, you benefit from a set of legal services based on the contract stipulating the agreed amount of services against the monthly subscription fee.

On any legal matters, please, contact Legal Department of the company.

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Information card charitable organization includes contact information, and information about area activities, beneficiaries, the types of assistance and work with volunteers. It contains detailed information to assist charities to private individuals for urgent treatment of seriously ill children. Help can be both financially and in the form of goods or services.
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