Catalog #: EX-001

Chateau Vartely

The Chateau Vartely" Company, will gladly receive each guest in our wine making factory, will make the tasting a celebration for those who will try at least for a moment to enter the mystery of this heavenly drinks. This way each guest will be able to choose the wine that will suit him the best. Because in Moldova one wine is never similar to another. Experts will discover a bouquet of wines witch will resemble the dynamism and sophistication of a Moldovan dance. You will be guided to understand Moldova- the only country on the map that resembles by its shape a cluster of grapes.

Catalog #: EX-001

Purcari estate

Visit de famous Purcari estate! Discover the full production process of top-of-the-line winesmodern technology, wine maturation and storage, old cellars and the tasting room. Get a taste of a professional tasting session, and then relish your lunch in the aristocratic atmosphere offered by the Purcari Restaurant.

Catalog #: EX-002

A rendezvous at Chisinau

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Catalog #: EX-003

Orheiul Vechi a 40 thousand year-old amphitheatre

Grottoes, ancient fortifications, cave monasteries, monks, hermits You can watch the living history with your own eyes in the region called Old Orhei. This is an open-air museum-complex revealing a territory which was first inhabited almost 40 thousand years ago. The tour continues at the Wine Cellars of Branesti. Here you are welcome to linger over the network of caves with a glass of traditional Moldavian wine accompanied with splendid food typical for the region mititei de Branesti and placinte cu brinza si cozi de ceapa.

Catalog #: EX-004

Cricova. Conceive a wine collection of your own

70 streets, each of them bearing a bacchic name: Sauvignon, Cabernet, Riesling. Wines of all colours and to everyones taste: French, Italian, etc. You can find at Cricova whatever your heart desires in terms of wine young wine, wine produced before The First World War. They are not all for sale, but many of them are ready to be savoured by you along with the delicious specialities cooked specially for you. You can also hire a caza here for your personal wine collection.

Catalog #: EX-005

Calarasi a town filled with cognac fragrance

Just imagine an earthly paradise full of quietness bordering upon Codru. This is where Hirjauca Monastery is located. It is the most outstanding specimen of classicism. The beech forest as old as 200 280 years is looking forward to welcoming you. The next stop is at the Calarasi Wine Factory. Its remarkable wine brands are famous far away from Moldova. Calarasi, Luceafarul, Stefan Voda, Noroc these are only a few of all that are waiting to be savoured by you along with the most delicious traditional dishes served with heart and soul specially for you.

Catalog #: EX-006

A royal pastime

As we drift south out of the centre of Moldova, we get into an aloof and enigmatic region, called Causeni. This is where an ancient architectural monument of a particular artistic and historical value is situated a church built in 1763. The walls of the church are fully covered by antique frescoes. It seems that the church is lost among the centuries. The trip goes on with a visit of the French style castle Purcari Winery. This is another extraordinary monument, although built in the 21st century. The winery is famous all over the world for the legendary wine Negru de Purcari a genuine paradise elixir. They say it is being consumed even at the Queens Elizabeth II Court.

Catalog #: EX-007

Milestii-Mici. A wine gallery registered in the Guinness Book

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Catalog #: EX-008

Reveal the mystery of the Chitcani Monastery

The Monastery of Saint Ascension Noul Neamt from Chitcani is perfect for retreat and meditation. The tour will take you to the outstanding picturesque landscape to be admired from the upper level of the highest bell tower in Moldova (64 m.). After getting a benediction of Archimandrite, the tourists will have dinner at the monastery dinner hall. It will be served along with the authentic monastic wine (at request). The monastery museum will be highly appreciated by those who are fond of history of religion. The museum houses icons dating from the 18th-20th centuries, as well as crosses, books, priest gowns and old pictures

Catalog #: EX-009

Customs and traditions of the Moldavians living within the Codru region

Codru (ancient Moldavian oak forest) a green island filled with birds twittering around, but at the same time with quietness. Here, lost among the beech alleys, hidden from the strangers eyes, is the old Hirjauca Monastery. It is surrounded exclusively by whispering springs, ringing of bells and quietness. The trip continues with the visit of Casa Parinteasca (the parents house). It offers the possibility to take a look at the old Moldavian customs and traditions. Here, we will have some traditional peasant food, typical for the Palanca village: sarmalute, placinte la cuptor and friptura cu mamaliguta. Of course, the dinner will be served along with the wonderful Moldavian home-made wine, as well as remarkable tea made of flowers collected directly from the garden.

Catalog #: EX-010

Listen to the extraordinary monastic choir of Capriana

Welcome to one of the most time-honoured monastery of Moldova Capriana. Here, you will assist at a liturgy and will enjoy the mellifluous and resonant voices of the boy choir. Our trip continues at Cojusna Cellars. We strongly recommend to have a dinner at Cojusna. Otherwise, you will not be able to savour a glass of Dumbrava de Cojusna, which is a noteworthy pearl of the local wines.

Catalog #: EX-011

Conquer the Saharna waterfalls

Full of hope and aspiration, looking for relief and revival, people come to the holy wells and relics of Saint Cuvios Macarie. Saharna is ideal for people eager to spend their leisure time actively. One of the ways to do it is to explore the 22 waterfalls or to wander about this picturesque area endowed with harsh rocks and ruins of antique fortresses.

Catalog #: EX-012

Flowers all the way at the Hincu Monastery

Flowers, flowers, flowers all the way. We are sure you will be able to appreciate the tenderness of thousands of flowers planted around the Hincu Monastery. You will also get a flash of reviving energy out of the miraculous water, running in the 3 life-giving and soul purifying water springs situated within the territory of the old monastic complex. At the same time, you can watch the every-day life of the nuns that decided to dedicate their lives to this saint place situated in the heart of Codru (old oak forest typical for Moldova).

Catalog #: EX-013

Tipova a peculiar region

We invite you to travel through the route traversed by the mythological poet Orpheus. They say this is the place where he spent the last days of his life. Here, at Tipova, be ready for a marvelous show where mother nature herself is acting. The beauty of the landscape will definitely impress you. At the same time, you will have the possibility to search through the hundreds of caves situated in the harsh rocks, to admire the untouched nature and listen to the fine tunes murmured by the waterfalls. They even say that Jesus Christ has traveled around the place. Just imagine, this crystal air has been inhaled by him.

Catalog #: EX-014

Enjoy the traditional country food

The breathtaking visit to the cradle of civilization Orheiul Vechi is followed by a stay at the rural pension Casa din Lunca situated in the Trebujeni village. We stop at a typical Moldavian family so as to learn at least a tiny part of the vast whole of Moldavian customs and traditions. We will definitely not leave the place, until we taste the remarkable Moldavian chicken soup called zama with taitei, as well as another traditional dish sarmale in foi de vita de vie and vegetables collected directly from the garden. You will also have the pensions special dish fresh warm pies placinte served along with the delicious home-made red wine just taken out of the barrel.

Catalog #: EX-015

On Dionysos steps!

A book, a friend, and a bottle of winethese bring happiness, Moliere said, but the road from the vine till the glass of wine, is an interesting and complex evolution. This process can be followed at the wine factory Dionysos Mereni, situated at 25 km from Chisinau, in an area surrounded of woods and valleys. The factory is known as producer of Carlevana wines as well as of unique Ice Wine and Ambrosia.

Catalog #: EX-016

Soroca Fortress an invincible one

We are going to visit a marvelous construction of 16th century the Soroca Fortress. We will also reach the incredible Gipsy Hill another reality of our days. This is a region of Soroca town inhabited exclusively by Gipsy people. No, this is not about the famous Gipsy camps, this is about the overwhelming Gipsy style chateaux built recently. Following, we will visit the Cosauti Monastery. They say in Cosauti, the granite comes to the surface of the ground. This is what you are going to witness by yourself.

Catalog #: EX-017

Tiraspol - Back in URSS

Have a glimpse at the monument of Vladimir Ilich Lenin. The city seems to be behind the times. At the same time, it is full of contrasts. One of them is the football complex Sheriff a remarkable impressive building, a pearl of the modern architecture. We will learn everything about the traditions preserved for more than 100 years from the professionals of the cognac factory Kvint. Soul, destiny, harmony a mix that compiles the oldest Moldavian cognac masterpieces Doina, Surpriznii, Victoria, Suvorov. And of course Kneazi Vitghenstein- a 50 year-old matured cognac. Few people have had the pleasure to taste it!


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