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Viticulture in Moldova

Viticulture and winemaking in Moldova has been over the years the main activity of wine production in Moldova. Evidence of this exist not only as historic monuments and documents but also is present in the folklore and speech of the Moldovan people. The historic development of this territory is related to the development of wine production, and as the historic periods has several stages. Moldova is the primordial wine producer. The wild grapes were known on the territory since the Eneolithic times, seven thousand years ago.

Prehistoric Period

The culture of winemaking existed since the tripolian period- on four clay pots, made between 2 700-3 000 years B.C., were found two clear prints of grape seeds, and one of them belonged to culture grapes. Wine production and wine processing was the oldest occupation of the population on the territory.

Antic Period

About 2 500 years ago the Greek colonists introduced the art of culture wine making to the local population (evidence of this matter are the archeological excavation that were made on the territory), that was the main economic branch in ancient Greece. That is when the industrial (regarding that period of time), wine production for domestic use and exchange for other goods. A new kick in the development of wine production happened in the period of the blossom of the Roman Empire, when the territory of Moldova was occupied by the Romans. About the effects of this influence come as evidence the terminologies that remained since then and are used even today.

In the Middle Ages in the environment of the Moldovan nobility is established an original wine cult, witch gave a new impulse to the development of wine production, such as improving the technologies,bigger parcels of land are allocated for the vineyards, and the basement household is enlarged. At the lords court there was a whole staff that was responsible for the vineyards and viniculture. It is important to mention that for the quality of the wine that the lord served was responsible a specially assigned person (cupbearer). Since the XIV century the export of wine to Poland and the Moscow principality tuned up. During the Turkish domination (XV - XVIII centuries) the export of wine didnt stop, it extended to Ukraine and Ruthenia. From this period started the history of Moldova as a constant exporter of wine and wine materials.

The development of Christianity also contributed to the wine production enlargement-wine was used in religious rituals and customs. The eccleastic wine had to have certain characteristics, mentioned in the Church Book published in the 1699 year. Sadly it is not known in what quantity was the wine produced at that time, the only facts that are known are that wine was a product of exchange and trade, and brought a stable income to the principality. A new faze in the viniculture began after the annexation of Basarabia to Russia in 1812. The Russian nobility began to "set up viniculture estates", importing grape varieties from France. At that time Basarabia was on the first place of wine producers in Russia (50% from all the produced wines). At the same period were established the historical micro- areas of viniculture, that already then were giving wines famous over the boarders of Moldova.

The czarist family was buying wine for their table through special departments. In the XIX century the English royal courtwas supplied, and by the end of the century private vineyards and a small factory called Romanesti, in honour of the royal family Romanov was established. The quality of the Romanesti wines was well known as they were served not only at the Russian Empire tables but also in many European royal courts. Revolutions and wars have interrupted the development of the Moldovan wine production. Only in the 50s the reconstruction of the winery begun, and in the 60s they remembered about the wine cellars. The tunnels and cellars were extended, strengthened, joined. This way the wine production in Moldova had a new impulse for growth from the 60s till the 80s of the century, when the vineyards and assortment of the production were enlarged.

Moldova becomes the main wine supplier on the USSR market, each second wine bottle and each third Champaign bottle in the Union was made in Moldova or from Moldovan material. In the mid 80s of the last century a hard impact on the Moldovan wine production was brought by the Dry Law, when dozens of hectares of vineyards were pulled out by the roots, in the struggle against alcoholism precious wine was destroyed. This national tragedy brought not only cultural but economical loss. Industrial areas were diminished and precious stocks of wines and wine materials were shattered. In the 90s a rebirth and quality development of the wine industry in Moldova had a great impact upon the growth of the economy.

Wineries began to develop quite rapidly. There was a union between primary and secondary winemaking, witch became the guaranty of quality of the final product. Right now is taking place the process of union between viniculture and wine production.
Nowadays the wineries are investing not only in modern technologies and equipment, but also in the growing of their own vineyards, providing the stability and high level of the quality of the produced wine.

Contemporary situation of viniculture in Moldova
For the last four years the dynamics of the wine production in and wine materials in Moldova has a yearly growth of 10-20%. Moldovan wine production is very attractive for potential foreign investors. In this branch are performed a considerable amount of projects.

New factories are built using not only the finances of the company and its partners, but also credits from Moldovan and foreign banks and funds. Russian was one of the first to invest it's capital in the Moldovan wine industry. Investors from France, Germany, Holland and USA have recognized the potential of the industry and have created joint enterprises with local companies.

The visit card of Moldova is the production of high quality wines with the names according to their origin (VDO), and controlled name by the place of origin (VDOC). The VDO wines have high organoleptical qualities and stable physics-chemical composition, guaranteed yearly by the producer. About Company "Chateau Vartely"The company "Chateau Vartely" LTD is the the producer of premium class wine from the best European grape varietys, grown Southern and Central regions of the country.
"Chateau" in the contemporary l vocabulary of French wine makers means- a territory, where the owner perform the whole cycle of wine making from the growth of the grapes, until the bottling.Only this way, consider the French, the quality of the product can be guaranteed, by producing a limited amount.

"Vartely". Accoding to the encyclopedia (" , 1975 year., part.5."), the name od one of the oldest towns in Moldova- Orhei, originates from the Hungarian word "Var". "Vartely" - "town", "castle", the root of the word was brought to Moldova by the valahians that came here from the Western Carpathians.

"Chateau Vartely" is a young but ambitious in the good meaning of the word wine making company, placed directly in the orhean region, where up to now live and become a reality the rich national traditions ofcultivation and producing of the "beverage of the Gods" - wine. The classic European grape varieties used in the wine making determine the range:Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Traminer, Feteasca. In the last four years the Chateau Vartely wines, have obtained a considerable amount of esteeemers all over the world. This fact is proved by the big amount of exported product to such countries such as: U.S.A., France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, China, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
Each development occupies a considerable period of time.The Chateau Vartely company, has three strategic directions of development: great quality, special treatment towards the clients and partners, maintaining and developing the traditions. The "Chateau Vartely" LTD, entered the market not only by offering the best of what the wine makers of the republic have been producing for ages, but also placing the bet on the quality of the natural product in the first place.

Tourism and entertainment

Moldova is a European country with a rich centuries-long history and culture. National traditions represent an irreplaceable part of the cultural heritage; moreover, the ethnical variety of this territory not only didnt destroy the traditions but has given them a special trait, gathering an original mixture of habits, rituals, which have remained until now in the villages of Moldova. The main trait of the Moldovan people is their hospitality. In Moldova each guest is received with warmth and joy. The owner of the house will always have a glass of good Moldovan wine for his guests, and the mistress- will offer you the best dishes. The guests are usually invited into the "Casa Mare, the biggest and best room, where the most important events are celebrated and family reunions take place. Moldova is a country with many holidays to celebrate. Anyone can participate in their celebration. It is said that in the "Casa Mare" in Moldova, each guest is a friend.

Many traditional holidays in our country represent a mixture of elements that are specific to rural, religious calendar; this has made it to be a constant source of kindness, warmth and hospitality.
In the days of the harvest-in the cities and villages of the country take place traditional fairs. During these events, the tourist and guests of the country can get to know better the national folklore, traditional costumes etc. Besides the green hills, rural sceneries, calm rivers and big sunflower plantations all this is full of a special charm. This country is also the owner of one of the best vineyards in Europe. As a habit- to the homemade dinner, is served a wine of regional grape types, and for celebration of holidays- wines made from classical European grape varieties. Great dry white and red wines, cognacs and brandy are produced in the northern and central regions of Moldova; the southern regions offer great dessert wines.

The Chateau Vartely" Company, will gladly receive each guest in our wine making factory, will make the tasting a celebration for those who will try at least for a moment to enter the mystery of this heavenly drinks. This way each guest will be able to choose the wine that will suit him the best. Because in Moldova one wine is never similar to another. Experts will discover a bouquet of wines witch will resemble the dynamism and sophistication of a Moldovan dance. You will be guided to understand Moldova- the only country on the map that resembles by its shape a cluster of grapes.
After visiting the vineyards, one can visit the most famous zone in Moldova where have been preserved the remains of old settlements belonging to different civilizations-the museum complex Old Orhei.
It is situated in a rocky clove, r. Raut., measuring up to,150-200 m. depth. Located 60 km near Chisinau. In the caves is sensed the spirit of the first human settlements, centuries old. On the roky top, in V-IIIB.C. there was a geto-dacian castle, ancestors of the present indigenous population of Moldova. On the opposite side of the river there can be seen the ruins of the New Town the Golden Horde by the name of Sheih al Jedid, (XIII-XIV), witch is recognized by the scientists as one of the capitals of the Tatar horde, in the period of their expansion to Europe.
After the redemption of this place by the Moldovan soldiers, there was build a powerful stone fortress- Orhei (XV.), the base of witch has remained until today. Since the middle ages, here stands an orthodox monastery "The Repose of The Mother of God" (some sources attribute it to the XII.), witch expanded in different centuries according to religious canons. Today the monastery is opened for visitors any time of year, but it is recommended to visit it during the Christian holidays.
Many of the Moldovan sights are situated in the rural area green pastures, rich valleys, white rural houses, fruit gardens and vineyards. Here is where you get to know a whole different Moldova.
The guests of the city are offered the meeting at the airport, accommodation at the "Chateau Vartely" hotel, where an amazing sight of the Orhei town and its land awaits. Where each day nature shows its might and changes from playful during the day to fabulous in the morning.

Come visit Moldova and you will enter the world that rejoices your eye and soul.

Tourist Pack "Chateau Vartely"

Chateau Vartely is a modern Resort, situated in the city Orhei, only 45 km North from Chisinau. European standards, professional service, special programs these are proposed by "Chateau Vartely which represents four hotel-type houses, 2 restaurant rooms, 3 tasting rooms, a huge inner yard, specially designed for you to feel free and relaxed within nature. You might choose between 3 tasting packages, High Quality, Selected Wines or World Collection or touristic packages with accommodation.



Price / person

group of 2 pers

group of 3-6 pers

group of more than 7 pers

- gift

+ gift

- gift

+ gift

- gift

+ cadou


High Quality
Excursion +Wine Tasting6samples

304 MDL

400 MDL

288 MDL

384 MDL

256 MDL

352 MDL


Selected Wines
Excursion +Wine Tasting 7 samples

256 MDL

352 MDL

240 MDL

336 MDL

208 MDL

304 MDL


World Collection
Excursion + Wine Tasting7 samples

624 MDL

720 MDL

464 MDL

560 MDL

416 MDL

528 MDL



may vary:1270L-2375L


Accommodation SGL
King Size Bed, tax/1 pers, breakfast included

€ 50,00


Accommodation DBL
King Size Bed, tax/2 pers, breakfast included

€ 80,00


Accommodation TWIN
double room, tax/1 pers, breakfast included

€ 40,00


Accommodation TWIN
double room, tax/2 pers, breakfast included

€ 80,00


Accommodation VIP apartment
apartment, tax/2 pers, breakfast included

€ 110,00


tax/1 pers

100 MDL


Coffe Break
tax/1 pers

80 MDL


Conference room
tax/1 day

1600 MDL

EXCURSION - tour of the entire complex Chateau Vartely, industrial part and the tourism part. TASTING is taken in one of the 3 tasting rooms and includes samples of wine depending on the chosen pack. As well are offered : sticks, walnuts, jamon, cheese, still water. High Quality Pack includes: Sauvignon, Traminer, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Muscat (desert)
Selected Wines Pack includes: Chardonnay, Feteasca, Traminer, Pinot Rose, Merlot Rose, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (desert)
World Collection Pack includes: wines Chateau Vartely, SUA wines,European wines, South America wines, South Africa wines, Australian wines. SOUVENIR-GIFT includes: 2 bottles of wine Chateau Vartely 0,75 l, presentation booklet.


For those who come to Moldova with the purpose to rest and get aquatinted with the local traditions, there is a tourist complex "Chateau Vartely, situated on the Orhei hill, where a picturesque view of the Orhei town and the valley of the River Raut. Welcome to the atmosphere of a "rural recreation".
European standard, wonderful service, special programs- all this is what the tourist complex "Chateau Vartely offers. It is made of four houses, each designed with its special style, for your comfort and relaxation.

12 hotel rooms performed in elegant pastel shades that create a balanced atmosphere. The rooms are equipped with attributes that are necessary to a modern traveler: comfortable furniture, conditioner, TV, accessories for personal hygiene, bath robes. Also you have the possibility to strengthen your health in a cozy sauna, play pool with your friends. For the ones who prefer the privacy, there is a internal yard, with a terrace and flowers where you can enjoy the picturesque scenery, at a morning coffee. In the fist house there is the reception, the sauna and the pool.

The second and the third houses: 4 rooms, terrace, a double bedroom, a bathroom with a shower room, soft furniture, television set and all the necessary accessories.
The fourth house (Vip): a two level house with a mansard and a balcony, four 2 room apartments, soft furniture, 2 bathrooms, chimney and, home cinema.


In just a few steps away from the hotel is the restaurant Chateau Vartely, where Moldovan and European dishes wont pass unnoticed by you and a wide variety of Moldovan wines will make the stay unforgettable. At the same time you will be able to enjoy the nature while sitting at the terrace of the restaurant. For the gourmands there are special menus suiting their tastes.

In the cellars there are three tasting rooms. Here you will be acquainted with the particularities of the Chateau Vartely wines. Also you will get to know the best labels of world wide known wine and you will learn about the right way there are made, kept and served. You will be able to enjoy the worldwide wines.

The first floor has an exit to the terrace, where a wonderful view of Orhei town and river Raut is seen. The conference hall and scene are flexible enough to be able to organize a reception for 250 persons. A comfortable mansard designed in a modern style with 18 tables for 4 persons and one for 12 persons, with a view of the terrace.

In the middle of the hall there is a shaped bar. An open balcony a place for an evening rest, and chaise longs where you can enjoy the sunset while drinking a glass of fine wine. Also at your service there is a cigar room where you can taste cigars, kalian, cognac of the highest quality, and play chess.

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