Prezident Restaurant

Restaurant Prezident the decor of the Banqueting hall is charming with its neoampir accessories. It would be a great choice for any gala occasion – corporate party or family evenings, while its capacity is up to 160 persons. You will be assisted by discreet personnel, that will make every meal extraordinary. Here you can order your favorites dishes from European, Moldovan and Japanese cuisine. The Prezident Restaurant is open 24/7 Adress: Bd. Dacia, 58/5, 2062 Chişinau, Moldova Tel: +373 22 625 000, Fax: +373 22 625 002, Mob: +373 60 525 000

Caravan Restaurant

CARAVAN resembles a hospitable Uzbek home, where a guest is welcomed heartily, accompanied to the coziest place with lots of rugs and soft cushions, given a tasty meal and ultimately offered tasty special brew tea.
Adress: 64, M. Eminescu, street
Reservation: (+373 22) 22 24 05; (+373) 79926215
You are welcome from 8:00 to 23:00.

Nobil Italian Restaurant

Nobil Italian Restaurant - one of city's best Italian restaurants. Exquisite dishes from our Italian chef may serve as a promising start or a pleasant conclusion of your working day. Adress: Chisinau49/1 M. Eminescu street,
Tel. +373 22 400 400Fax +373 22 400 444

La Taifas Restaurant

La Taifas restaurant with national cuisine, located in the heart of the capital, at the intersection of Bucharest and Pushkin Street. For seven years, this restaurant represents the card of the Republic of Moldova for many visitors and residents of the capital .Adress: Bucurest 67,str. Reservation: Tel.(+373 22) 22 76 92 (+373)69270000 8.00-23.00

Valentin & Valentina Restaurant

Valentin and Valentina . , . , .
: . , 8

Ambassador Restaurant

Adress: Mitropolit Varlaam 77,str.
Tel: (+ 373 22) 201201

Club Royal Park Restaurant

The restaurant has 60 seats and at your request we will be able to organize business meetings, presentations and festivities. The masterpieces of national, European, Moldavian and Japanese cuisine of our cookers wont leave indifferent even the most sophisticated tastes. Adress: Trandafirilor 6/2,str. Tel.: (+373 22) 574080 The doors of our restaurant are open 24/24.

Argos Restaurant

Adress: Ion Creanga 13/1,str.
Tel.: (+ 373 22) 240150

Arlecin club Restaurant

dress: Grenoblia 193,str.
l.: (+373 22) 766937

Assorti Restaurant

Adress:Bukurest 68,str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 244639

Bachus Dava Restaurant

Adress: Kalia Esilor,15
Tel.: (+373 22) 592162

Barracuda Restaurant

Adress:Pushkin 35,str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 202451

Basarabia Restaurant

Adress: Kiev 16/1,str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 449735

Beermania Restaurant

Adress: Alexandr cel Bun 83, str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 227331

Big Deal Restaurant

Adress: Varlam, 69 ,str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 213132

Butoias Restaurant

Adress: Kalia Esilor 71, str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 747647

Cherry Cafe Restaurant

Address: Blvd. D. Cantemir, 3/2
Tel: (+373 22) 260317
Carlsberg Pena Pub

Adress: Bukurest 67,str.
Tel. (+ 373 68) 77 66 50, (+373) 79776650

Cactus Restaurant

Adress: Armianscaya 41,str.
Tel.: (+373 22) 502394

Calipso Restaurant

Adress: Puskin 44/1
Tel.: (+373 22) 202117


Information about charities and problem situations with concrete offer of assistance and social support in Moldova.
The mission of the charity section - the salvation of seriously ill children and creating a culture of philanthropy in society. The survey provides information about charitable organizations that provide assistance to children suffering from any specific illness, children without parental care, children with developmental disabilities, etc.
Information card charitable organization includes contact information, and information about area activities, beneficiaries, the types of assistance and work with volunteers. It contains detailed information to assist charities to private individuals for urgent treatment of seriously ill children. Help can be both financially and in the form of goods or services.
Direction of care: reasonable financial support to orphanages, celebrations, development and promotion of children's art and sport, emergency medical care for a child, etc. The proceeds are directed at creating and strengthening material-technical base of children's homes, to improve the conditions for finding children to purchase...





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