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The property is located in the capital Chisinau, just 5 minutes from the center of the city. The total land area is 40300 m2. This object includes: a warehouse complex of 2450 m2 with refrigerators 1050 m2 and a free space of 1450 m2 (for packing, packaging, etc.), office premises of 900 m2, 11 greenhouses with a total area of 14,000 m2 and with the possibility of using a hydroponic system.


All the greenhouse interconnected transport corridors. Currently, two greenhouses with a total area of 1,100 m2 (each) have been reconstructed using the hydroponic method for growing green salads. Every month, 1,500 tons of green salad are grown in one greenhouse. In the future, when operating all 11 greenhouses, the total monthly volume will be more than 16 tons. The hydroponics business is becoming increasingly popular as this method of growing plants leaves fewer risks for production losses and does not require much physical effort compared to conventional crop production. Grown in this way, vegetables and herbs are stored longer and less damaged during transportation. This business is not seasonal in nature - the hydroponic system allows you to get a crop year-round, and there is always a demand for vegetables and herbs.

Growing salads and vegetables using hydroponics has the following advantages:
♦ Efficient use of the area of the greenhouse.
♦ Optimal microclimate parameters.
♦ Reduced labor costs. Increased yield.
♦ Lack of manual labor when watering.
♦ Reduced vegetation time.
♦ Multifunctional use of the greenhouse.


The refrigeration complex was commissioned in October 2016, and consists of 6 chambers with a storage temperature from -2C to + 10C.The need for special refrigeration units exists in most cases at enterprises engaged in trading in food products. But not only food trade stores its products in refrigerators, they are quite in demand in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and in many other branches of economic activity. Refrigeration equipment can be successfully and profitably leased, since there is an increased demand for such a service. This is not related to climatic conditions and seasonal temperature, since each product must be stored under certain conditions.

Office space is located in the main building on two floors. Office space after renovation and partially furnished. This object has all communications (light, gas of high and low pressure, water, sewage, own electrical substation), has access to the central carriageway. This territory also includes the ability to simultaneously park 20-30 cars and 10-15 trucks.

According to the master plan of Chisinau, on the street along which the object is located, it is planned to start construction of the avenue and the highway in 2019. Since the object is located in the city, 5 minutes drive to the main street, it can be a good logistics base for shops, wholesale warehouses, etc. Greenhouses can be used year-round. If necessary, additional storage space is possible to build additional storage space with a total area of 10,000 m2. There are no more objects of such a plan in the city, which gives a definite advantage.

Financial information:
- rent of refrigerating cameras brings as profit 9-10 thousand euros monthly
- rent of warehouse space brings as profit 3-4 thousand euros monthly
- rent of offices brings brings as profit 3.5-4 thousands monthly
- income from growing in greenhouses brings 5.5 thousands euros monthly as profit. If all the 11 greenhouses will be used, than profit will be 6.5-7 thousands euros monthly.
We spend 3 thousands euros monthly on everything (including workers, gas, electricity water, security)


♦ Object type: Commercial property
♦ Purpose: Development of the existing business. Leasing of refrigerators and a warehouse.
♦ Start of production, etc.
♦ Address: r-on: Skulen, st. Messenger
♦ Number of rooms / rooms: more than 20
♦ Area: Total object: 40300 sq.m. Office area: 900 m2 sq.m. Storage area: 2450m2 Auxiliary
; 1450 m2; 11 greenhouses with a total area of 14,000 m2 refrigerators 1050 m2
♦ Year of construction and commissioning:2016
♦ Property condition: working
♦ Number of floors, levels / number of floors: 2 floors
♦ Infrastructure: Very well developed
♦ Communications: There are all communications
♦ Layout: Individual
♦ Repair quality: partial renovation
♦ Quality of repair of the common area:
♦ Ceiling height: yes
♦ Internet, TV: High Speed
♦ Parking spaces \ garages: 45
♦ Water supply and sewage system: yes
♦ Power supply system
♦ Heating and hot water system: yes
♦ Floor heating: no
♦ Sanitary unit: yes
♦ Ventilation / air conditioning system: yes
♦ Security system / security:yes
♦ Intercom / video surveillance:
♦ The presence of furniture and household appliances: yes
♦ Window quality: good
♦ Entrance and interior doors: yes
♦ Availability of equipment: yes
♦ Optional:

Price: Negotiable

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