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The residential complex “Deluxe” is located in the center of the city, on Boulevard Stefan cel Mare , between Petru Movila and Toma Chorba streets. It is here, in the center of Chisinau, where the harmony of the architecture of modern new buildings is best seen and historic buildings, a unique luxury residential complex built "Deluxe". Silence and comfort. Security ensures multilevel hour security with CCTV, and fenced territory and automatic fire suppression fire protection will save from accidents.

All apartments are provided with independent heating class luxe with the installation of heating devices - boilers in each apartment. Distribution of heat supply systems (as well as water supply) is also performed with special,in isolation with copper pipes - this is the real respect of the creators of the complex to the quality of life.

A continuous filtration water purification system for all buildings of the complex provides residents of the complex with the purest healthy water.For the construction of walls used expensive, but the most effective solution for today - ventilated facades,insulated with eco-friendly basalt slabs, with a facade finish made of natural materials:granite, marble. With such a system, heat loss in winter and overheating in summer are minimized, the operational life of the building increases, the comfortable constant temperature of the rooms is maintained. In addition, a modern facade system provides additional noise protection, as well as the comfort of the building mode. As a material for walls and internal partitions, modern YTONG material is used - it is an environmentally friendly material with a double thermal lock.

Only in this complex, for the first time in Moldova, are EGE combined windows installed (inside mahogany, outside - aluminum), made in Germany, as well as windows panoramic with a height from floor to ceiling and the entire width of the room.

♦ Address: district Center, st. Stefan cel Mare 141/3
♦ Object type: Penthouse in the residential complex "DeLuxe"
♦ Building type: Frame-Monolithic.
♦ Areas: sq. m.
♦ Floor:
♦ Number of rooms:
♦ Infrastructure: Very well developed - supermarket, near a bank, university, kindergarten,school, stadium, restaurants, etc.
♦ Communication: there is all communication.
♦ Parking: underground parking
♦ Property condition: The house is new, in excellent condition.
♦ Elevator: Two elevators.
♦ Heating system: Autonomous.
♦ Security system: The house and the territory of the courtyard are under protection
♦ Planning: Individual.
♦ Windows: German firm Ege, 2-chamber, from a natural tree.

Price: 1250 euro\ sq.m.

Option 1
♦ 1 bedroom apartment
♦ total area:
floor 15 - 55,43 sq.
floor 15 - 55,85 sq..
floor 16 - 55,43 sq..
floor 16 - 55,85 sq..

Option 2
♦ 1 bedroom apartment
♦ total area:
floor 15 - 55,43 sq.
floor 15 - 55,85 sq..
floor 16 - 55,43 sq..
floor 16 - 55,85 sq.

Option 3
♦ 2 bedroom apartment
♦ total area:
floor 5 - 106,47 sq.

Option 4
♦ 2 bedroom apartment
♦ total area:
floor 15 - 106,25 sq.
floor 15 - 78,73 sq..

Option 5
♦ 2 bedroom apartment
♦ total area:
floor 7 - 129,94 sq.

Option 6
♦ 3 bedroom apartment
♦ total area:
floor 8 - 148,42 sq.

Option 7
♦ 3 bedroom apartment
♦ total area::
floor 9 - 147,11 sq.


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