• Foreign tax administrations will provide the STS with information on persons with unpaid taxes in Moldova, as well as assist in the repayment of these debts.

According to the State Tax Service, new rules and procedures regarding the exchange of tax information with foreign tax administrations and assistance for the reimbursement of tax arrears generated in Moldova in a foreign country came into force. These imply the following tax liabilities: tax on income of individuals and legal entities, state social insurance contributions, real estate tax, value added tax, excise taxes, road taxes, taxes on natural resources, local fees. Thus, the STS is entitled to request tax information from foreign tax administrations about taxpayers from Moldova and from abroad. The request will be made as necessary as established in the framework of tax audits. The exchange of information is governed by 50 bilateral treaties for the avoidance of double taxation. In addition, this cooperation is possible under the multilateral convention of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on mutual administrative assistance in tax matters (for Moldova it has been valid since March 1, 2012), which 128 countries have signed at this stage. Thus, the State Tax Service has effective levers for collecting tax debts abroad and obtaining, on request, tax information relating to individuals and legal entities. 

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Information about charities and problem situations with concrete offer of assistance and social support in Moldova.
The mission of the charity section - the salvation of seriously ill children and creating a culture of philanthropy in society. The survey provides information about charitable organizations that provide assistance to children suffering from any specific illness, children without parental care, children with developmental disabilities, etc.
Information card charitable organization includes contact information, and information about area activities, beneficiaries, the types of assistance and work with volunteers. It contains detailed information to assist charities to private individuals for urgent treatment of seriously ill children. Help can be both financially and in the form of goods or services.
Direction of care: reasonable financial support to orphanages, celebrations, development and promotion of children's art and sport, emergency medical care for a child, etc. The proceeds are directed at creating and strengthening material-technical base of children's homes, to improve the conditions for finding children to purchase...





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